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get maxiumexposure with a captivating story

Our approach is simple.

Build out a solid pitch and storyline, then use our network of contact to gain our clients maximum exposure. We take an unconventional approach when it comes to pitching and try and find creative ways to express your brand message and story.

We don't just rely on "the wire" to get the message out. We manually push and contact everyone on your behalf to get the pick-up you're looking for.

We take the time to develop a strategy and creatively build out a storyline and solid pitch that represents your brand and your goals

We help build brand awareness through reliable press features that bring credibility to your business and get you in front of your target audience.

We use our network of contacts to establish strategic partnerships that will captivate your ideal client and generate loyalty to your brand and mission.

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What is Your Story?

If you’ve made it a habit, and then a passion, and then a career, of posting online, maybe you’ve noticed the way your posts have slowly developed into a story about who you are. Maybe you haven’t, in which case it might be time to take a look at how…

Hitting it Big on Instagram

Maybe it’s the simplicity of the content. Maybe it’s the users themselves. Maybe it’s the influencers – whatever is, Instagram has a kind of staying power other social media doesn’t. Still, even though the idea of posting some photos or videos with a little bit of text attached seems simple,…

Five Reasons Why You Need a PR Firm

A public relations firm is a tool, and like any other business tool, you need to be deliberate about how you use it. Even if you have your own public relations department, or you do your own PR, having a dedicated group working on spreading the word about you, your…

Influencers: Why Brands Need You

Sure, if you’re influencer, you know full-well that followers make you or break you. And without brands to work with, you don’t have a business. Sure, you can walk around all day and talk about the things you like and the things you do, but you’re doing this to make…

Keep Your Influencer Game Strong

Becoming an influencer isn’t a simple set of plug-and-play steps to success. It’s like setting out to make something “go viral” – you can’t do it – by its very definition, it catches on unexpectedly and grows exponentially. You can control your own image and content and increase your chances…

Power Women: Sabrena Gartland On How To Successfully Navigate Work, Love and Life As A Powerful Woman

  An Interview With Ming Zhao. Read the full interview here. I believe all we need is time. The new generation that we are raising will understand that a powerful woman can have and do anything they put their mind to. My daughters will grow up knowing that they can…

Excited to Announce the Launch of Peninsula PR and Influencer Services

Welcome! We are excited to get to know you as we launch Peninsula PR and Influencer Services, our newest venture in brand strategizing and outreach. Peninsula is a woman-owned and operated business. With their unique track record and deep understanding of cutting-edge PR and social media trends, Peninsula is poised…

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