Five Apps for Posting to Multiple Social Accounts

  • Dec 12, 2022

Five Apps for Posting to Multiple Social Accounts

Social media is a many-headed beast, which is one of the many reasons why having a team to handle it with the rest of your PR is ideal. If you’re trying to get to the level where you need a team to help you get your brand out there, though, you need to know a little bit about posting to as many outlets as possible, as quickly as possible – ideally all at once. Here are five apps to help you post to multiple places at once.


As the app’s name suggests, Buffer is a social media posting app that specializes in readying your content for just the right moment, letting you schedule your social posts to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at once. If you use the browser extension for buffer, you’ll also be able to add links to your schedule, as well.


Probably the best-known social media managing app, HootSuite covers Twitter, Facebook for business or personal, LinkedIn, and many other platforms. If that isn’t enough, HootSuite offers analytics as well, allowing you to keep an eye on keywords. It is especially effective if you’re banking content, since you can schedule your posts to come out just when you need them to.


To monitor multiple Twitter accounts, as well as Tumblr, RSS feeds, Pinterest and LinkedIn, SocialOomph is the ideal solution. It helps you track keywords in your content as well, and provides an easy way to shorten URLs you post about. Like best such apps, SocialOomph is also designed to allow you to schedule out your posts, which is very helpful with banking content.


IFTTT is especially handy for making decisions in advance – IFTTT stands for “If This Then That,” and you can use it to set up a customized set of social media actions based on when something else happens. This could be having all of your social photos automatically backed up to the cloud, or any number of other so-called “recipes” to take the thought process out of stuff you shouldn’t have to worry about.


Especially if you’re into the deep analytics of social media, SpredFast has you covered, pulling in your metrics from most, if not all, of your social accounts while also enabling you to spread the word about you and your brand. You can see all the stats represented graphically, too, for the visual learners out there.


Social media is all about telling your story, and doing so means you should be getting your story out to as many eyeballs and ears as possible. Pick the app that represents your needs best. What apps are you most concerned with getting your content on? Find an app that serves your needs best, and then come up with a strategy based on your ideal outlet and the kind of content you hope to post there. You can expand on what you’ve already done or, based on what you find out from other apps, you might even branch your content out.  

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