Finding Your Voice – Expanding Your Brand with Podcasts

  • Oct 31, 2022

Finding Your Voice – Expanding Your Brand with Podcasts

As an influencer, you have your thing – maybe just that one thing – that pulls people in. Maybe it’s your fashion sense, maybe it’s your ability to turn a simple trip into a massive story, or maybe it’s your love of food. Whatever it is you bring to the table, you are presenting it, the same way, day after day, with a new twist. Don’t get us wrong – that’s a good thing because people clearly want it. What you should consider, though, is bringing what you do to another table, just with a slightly different twist. After all, you can do twists. Here are some reasons to expand your growing empire into the audio medium.

Podcasting Is Still New

Seems weird to call podcasts new, but believe it or not, most people still don’t know what a podcast is, even though there are some people making millions off of podcasting because they have millions of listeners. As podcasting continues to grow (consider that radio is still around after a whole century), you still have the opportunity to hop on board the train, and if you’ve got the influence, you can certainly monetize it.

Your Story Can Be Told

So much of social media is all about the image, as well as the images that you post. The internet is a hugely visual medium, but you can reach entirely new audiences by actually telling your story. You can do a run of sample shows you never release, if you’re just warming up to the whole idea, but once you have it locked down, telling your stories to people can be an intimate and engaging way to get people to follow along. It can also help with differently-abled people who engage with you. Those with sight impairments would benefit from a weekly audio update, even if it just tells them about all the photos you posted this last week.

Partnerships and Podcasting

Getting sponsorships on a social media post, well – you know how difficult those negotiations can be. All the arrangements that have to get made, and specs to follow. Well, there are tons of brands – some huge ones – who are already familiar with podcasting and know its limitations. Half the time, it’s just about reading copy and, a lot of the time, you’re simply telling someone your experience about something you were sent for free. It’s your world, so why not spread the word through a few actual words?

Easy Set Up

There are good, cheap microphones now that can allow you to be a podcaster easier than ever before. A little soundproofing and some audio editing skills can give your audience a fully-immersive audio experience that you can play with (using music, sound effects, and interviews) to reflect your brand in a new, unexplored way. Creating “theatre of the mind” is a lot easier than you think – it’s all about suggestion and, of course, all about you using your voice and skills to influence people through their earbuds.

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