Blogging: Your Own Personal Social Media Outlet

  • Oct 20, 2022

Blogging: Your Own Personal Social Media Outlet

No matter how robust any of the existing social media platforms are out there, they will never match your imagination, or allow you to fully express your most ambitious ideas. Blogs have been around since the beginning of the web, because they are, effectively, the most elemental part of it – words and photos telling a story of any length. Whether you’re an influencer, a brand or just a creative who hopes to be discovered, using the oldest expressive form on the internet is key to long-term success and, importantly, is the easiest way to archive your best work.

Regularity Still Rules

Blogging is just as dependent on regular customers as Instagram or TikTok. Posting at least once a week is the reason people are coming to you, so there’s no reason to let that slip. With most blogging platforms, it’s easy enough to bank blogs, as well, in case you have a dry spot later, need to take a vacation, or are working on some other creative pursuit. Keep down a list of your best ideas and expand them in narrative form through your blog.

Detail Commands the Day

Where brevity rules on all of the platforms, in blogs – while you should keep it simple and easy to understand – you can go into all the detail you want. Maybe your latest trip is a multi-entry post that becomes its own novella. Maybe your thoughts on a social issue are too deep to accompany a single photo. A blog allows you to go into as much detail as you can and to express as much of yourself as possible.

Pictures Are Supplements, Rarely the Feature

Any good blog is going to have some photos, of course, but here you’re rarely posting a photo and leaving it to speak for itself. Here, you either expand on that single photo, or you get to create a photo essay of multiple photos. It’s always good to look at what multiple examples of your work really mean when put together in one spot.

Express Yourself Through Longer Video

You should have a YouTube or Vimeo account anyway, and through blogs you can post any length of video to help tell your story. Some stories are great on paper, but better expressed through video. Podcasts are also easy to integrate into most blogs, as well. With the right plugin you can make your audio posts also post to an RSS feed that people can subscribe to in a podcatcher.

Your Journey, Your Way

Even blogging can be overwhelming, which is why it always helps to hire a team. Whatever you choose you do, make sure you chronicle your thoughts and adventures in a way that really expresses who you are. You should also keep in mind what you’ve posted in the past – to learn from and reflect on. An archive should always be a part of your plan, especially as a creative – it’s not just about legacy, but about progress.      

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