Why Text Matters: Social in More Than Pictures

  • Sep 22, 2022

Why Text Matters: Social in More Than Pictures

You’re not likely to have a social presence without pictures or other visual media, because they are what social media is built upon. Quick fixes, some that flash by but still sticks with you, are key to keeping an audience and reminding them you’re still there. One thing that gets overlooked in this glut of imagery, though, is the power of text and specifically blogging. Giving people a story often involves just that – telling a story. Here are five reasons why you should keep writing through social media.

Sincerity Matters

Looking at a stream of photos may be all certain audiences want, and if you’re an influencer or a social marketer (or you want to be one), you know how to get to those people and serve their needs. However, to a good chunk of internet users, only posting photo after photo can come across as insincere and shallow – even if the photos do speak for themselves. Having a caption, an essay, or even a brief story to go along with it can really help get the picture’s story across.

It is an Investment

Big-name and high-dollar companies know how important writing is to their success. This article from Forbes makes it abundantly clear that the biggest companies out there know that you shouldn’t leave your audience to guess what story you’re trying to tell. You need to guide them with words along the paths, twists, and turns your brand wants to take them down.

Context is Everything

Sometimes a photo is just a photo, so you need a little something extra just to give the audience something to grab onto. If you’re at a beautiful landmark and don’t tell people where you are, for instance, there is way too much to guess at and nothing to anchor people. Providing context to your images or other work is hugely important to keeping people engaged because they understand what you are posting.

Blogs are Easy to Bank

If you’re into long-form writing on social media or other outlets, this is one of the huge benefits of blogging – you can write weeks or even months' worth of content in advance, and post it at your leisure, or have it all auto-post. You can also go back to edit, which you can’t say for all social media.

No Setup Required

As opposed to photo shoots, where you need lights, tripods, and sometimes a hair and makeup and photography team, writing is just you and your mind telling your story or the story of your brand. There’s no legwork, just sitting down and getting the words out.


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