The Heat Can’t Stop the Content: PR for Summer Time

  • Jun 9, 2022

The Heat Can’t Stop the Content: PR for Summer Time

Your first question is understandable: does PR have seasons? No, but we do, and public relations doesn’t just roll with what’s happening outside, it can thrive on it. Any change is an opportunity to mix things up, if not in terms of your mission statement or overall vibe, but in terms of content specificity. If it’s influencer content, how does that influencer do their thing in a new summer wardrobe and in new sunny places? If it’s a business, how can the warm weather be used to tell a new story about the company? Here are a few tips for harnessing the sun to grow your reach.


Exploration can mean a number of things. For influencers, this might literally be the exploration of a new place, as long as it “feels like summer.” People don’t need a brand to tell them it’s summer, but remind them of that fact. Summer means change, and change means keeping up. If people feel like they need to keep up with a brand, they definitely want to see what they’ve got going on for warmer weather.

Inform of Seasonal Changes

Maybe a business has different summer hours. Maybe they’re hosting outdoor movie nights over the summer. Whatever the change, getting that information out there early helps with early engagement and, specifically, planning. Getting people to plan around your brand is another way of keeping them coming back for your content.

Summer News

Maybe an influencer just adopted a puppy, or someone at the company just had a baby. Summer news is lighthearted, easy to take in, and not a drag, in general. It can be as simple as announcing some fun, business get-togethers or events a company is sponsoring. It’s all about reminding people of the season and, as soon as they realize they want to engage, having them latch on to your brand first.


Whether it’s fan meet-ups, organized groups going to conventions, or company picnics, using PR to announce any kind of communal activity is huge for the summer. This falls in the light news category, too, but it also involves a lot of planning and budgeting, so making sure these events come together is huge. In the winter, it’s buying holiday presents, while in the summer, it’s activities. Finding a way to engage people in your activities brings people back and spreads word of mouth faster than something they can’t be a part of.

Wrapping Up

It’s honestly just a matter of looking outside. Look out the window, and whatever you see people doing, that you’d probably rather be doing yourself, apply that to the PR you’re putting together. After all, a lot of content is being taken in from the very same position you’re in – behind a screen of some kind, and maybe nowhere near a window. If people can feel the sun on their face from a little bit of PR copy, they’ll be more interested in reading the rest.

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