Hitting it Big on Instagram

  • May 5, 2022

Hitting it Big on Instagram

Maybe it’s the simplicity of the content. Maybe it’s the users themselves. Maybe it’s the influencers – whatever is, Instagram has a kind of staying power other social media doesn’t. Still, even though the idea of posting some photos or videos with a little bit of text attached seems simple, it’s far from it. If it was easy to get it just right, everybody would be an Instagram influencer. Here are a few tips on how to use what you already have to become that Insta celebrity you know you could be.

Find Your Passion and Stick with It

People gravitate toward a passion that makes sense to them because you are expressing it just right. A lot of times, that’s through simple, emotional imagery. Maybe you collect pens, but the way you shoot your photos of your collection, or yourself buying and trying new ones, is perfect. Those “perfect” shots are probably that way because you care about this thing so much – and people can see that, and sometimes feel it. Continuing doing your thing – and growing while you do – but keeping in mind that people want to see that passion every time you post.

No Logos, Just Faces

Some people think that branding and having a brand are the same as replacing yourself with a name or an idea. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Your profile photo should always be you – that’s what people are on board for – not your logo, which makes you look corporate, boring, and dispassionate. Your logo can be on your site, your merch, whatever, but wherever someone expects your face, use it.

Update Your Bio

Keeping people updated on where you are in your life is what this whole adventure is about. If they’re just learning about you, or haven’t checked in in a while, though, the first thing they’re going to see is your bio. Keeping it up to date is a solid part of the branding and a good way to show your growth.

Post Consistently and Make a Plan

Keeping those photos coming regularly and as expected is what keeps people involved. Instagram is all about seeing an endless feed, but you want to make sure they’re seeing your work come through along with everything else and – you hope – standing out above it all. Making a plan for posting is helpful in posting regularly, and also helpful in creating what your overall story is. You can tell a story with your posts, and making a plan helps you tell it.


If you treat your Instagram feed as your job – a job you love! – you’ll be ahead of the game. This will help you stay consistent and be efficient, all things that will make it harder for you to burn out and easier to bring on more and more followers. Also, a little bonus tip: don’t sleep on hashtags – using the right ones at the right time will put you into the right feeds and gain more followers that way.

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