Excited to Announce the Launch of Peninsula PR and Influencer Services

  • Aug 18, 2021

Excited to Announce the Launch of Peninsula PR and Influencer Services

Welcome! We are excited to get to know you as we launch Peninsula PR and Influencer Services, our newest venture in brand strategizing and outreach. Peninsula is a woman-owned and operated business. With their unique track record and deep understanding of cutting-edge PR and social media trends, Peninsula is poised to deliver expert consultation and planning for the promotion and expansion of your business. And this is as true for micro start-ups as it is for more established businesses, with years on the market.


Our co-founders are professional women with drive, warmth, and impressive knowledge of the game. Sabrena Gartland runs the day-to-day of this, her newest operation, after years of working in digital marketing, influencer relations, and PR. With her background in advertising and content creation, Sabrena is a valuable asset for consultations on blogs and other writing projects for your brand. She also has extensive understanding and experience when it comes to marketing for both retail and wholesale operations. As an entrepreneur herself, Sabrena understands the excitement and the stress of starting and running a business. She has both the compassion and the mastery needed to see what your business needs and to deliver it for you.

The other half of this versatile team is Lauren Orebo, who brings creativity and confidence to everything she does. Coming from a deep background in digital marketing, Lauren understands the ins and outs of influencer relationships, and how they relate to you. With her dedication to communicating with clients, Lauren offers insights and feedback that is directly tailored to you. She believes in the story, and the people, behind your company. With this approach, she understands how to bring that certain shine and sparkle to what you put out there, ensuring your brand makes an impression that lasts.

Let’s take a look at what we do, and how our services could help you get to the next level. We offer a twofold approach to marketing, with both public relations campaign services and influencer services. In its essence, the goal of our PR services is to create a  strategy with your needs in mind. We then go on to connect you with our relevant media contacts and outlets. We take a personalized approach to really get to know you, and find out exactly what kind of help you need when it comes to establishing, and maintaining, your presence online, on screen or in print.

Influencer Services                            

By now, it’s no secret that influencers have taken on an enormous role when it comes to getting your products and services out to the public. This is true especially now, in the aftermath of the pandemic, where ideas as elemental as “shopping” are being redefined. In March of this year, The New York Times quoted American Eagle’s marketing director as saying that influencer marketing is “arguably the most important thing we do.”

And this is what we bring to the table with our influencer services. We have established relationships with thousands of verified social media personalities and channels. Our understanding of the metrics, trends and forecasting of the influencer scene will ensure that your brand is the right hands, and getting viewed by the perfect audience. We bring it all together for you- using our network of connections from the past and present, we help you step into the future, with a plan to grow your business and your reach.  

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